Free PSHE Video


Free PSHE videoPSHE Tube is dedicated to promoting the use of high quality video in school PSHE lessons. If you want a free PSHE video this is a good place to start. Whatever you want to know about using video in PSHE, you can find the answer in PSHETube. The top PSHE video, the top comments, discussion forum, tips, and all the latest PSHETube Twitter News, PSHETube is your one stop shop. We have KS1 PSHE Videos, KS2 PSHE Videos, KS3 PSHE Videos, and KS4 PSHE Videos. All our PSHE videos are free to view at home and in the classroom. If you are viewing in school, make sure you can access YouTube.


If you cannot access YouTube, take a look at our shop where you can buy USB sticks filled with free PSHE videos.