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OFSTED - Hitler's Learning Walk to please Ofsted goes disastrously wrong.

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Hitler runs an academy and he's determined to turn the place into a school with identikit 'consistent' teaching and get the place an 'outstanding' Ofsted judgment, and himself classified as a 'super head'. He's already had a catastrophic 4 in a recent Ofsted inspection and he needs things to change. First plan is to run a learning walk, designed to show the teaching staff they can't relax for a moment and find evidence to get rid of anyone not 'on message' which he can add to the mountain of paperwork. Unfortunately, it all starts to unravel when the leadership team turn out not to have an idea what they're doing. Worse, the staff have had enough and start to chuck the mountains of paperwork out of the school windows. Some have already organized their own escape route. By the way, DIRT really is an educational acronym, used in deadly earnest by the loyalists to this extraordinary world.

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